Ellden’s Dinner Menu


Seasonal Soup  cup 4  bowl 6

 French Onion au Gratin Soup  6

Savory onion soup topped with imported cheese and browned gratin style

 Fried Calamari 12
Buttermilk calamari flash fried, served with hot peppers and a spicy balsamic sauce

 Tenderloin Crostini   15
Charbroiled tenderloin served on grilled crostini with horseradish cream, onion relish and red pepper pesto

 Asian Tuna Steak    15
Sesame Crusted Ahi tuna sliced thin and stacked with marinated cucumbers and radishes 

Crab Cake   15
Maryland style crab cake served with creamed corn and topped with sweet potato frites

Stuffed Peppers   12
Banana stuffed peppers with Italian style cheese and sausage filling, served with tomato sauce and crostini

Chicken Quesadilla   14
Grilled chicken with smoked cheddar, roasted corn, red onion and pico de gallo

Mixed Greens Salad   5
Assorted chicories topped with carrot, cucumber, garbanzo beans, tomato and red onion

Grilled Caesar Salad   10
Crisp romaine lettuce seasoned with EVOO and grilled finished with romano, croutons and caesar emulsion

Burrata Salad   13
Roasted carrots, beets, pistachios, red onion, oranges, burrata cheese, chicories and olive oil

Ellden’s Iceberg salad   9
Iceberg lettuce garnished with egg, chopped bacon, tomatoes, kalamata olives and pickled red onion`

Extra Salad Toppings
Grilled chicken $3/ Grilled Shrimp $3 each / Grilled salmon $8 / Tenderloin $6
Feta, blue cheese or goat cheese $.75



Parmesan Crusted Chicken   22
Pan sautéed chicken cutlet served with assorted greens, tomato, chic peas
and a side of lemon-herb vinaigrette

Hunter Style Chicken   23
Pan seared airline breast with bacon, parsnips, mushrooms, potatoes, corn and pearl onions
with a light chicken jus and fresh herbs

Seared Scallops   28
Fresh diver scallops pan seared with roasted garlic-parmesan risotto

Grilled Salmon   25
Faroe island salmon seasoned and grilled. Served with a couscous red onion, asparagus, tomato,
arugula and citrus beurre blanc 

Shrimp Pesto Pasta   25
Semolina pasta with pesto, rock shrimp, asparagus tips, heirloom baby tomatoes, parmesan,
cream and EVOO

Toasted Gnocchi   19
Potato gnocchi sautéed with baby and shitake mushrooms with EVOO, white wine, garlic,
basil and parmesan

Pork Chop   25
Frenched center cut 12oz pork chop charbroiled and served over a summer farro salad and
topped with apple chutney

New York Angus Strip Steak   32
14 oz Center cut angus steak char broiled, served steak house style

Filet Mignon   33
Center cut angus filet of beef char broiled, served with a red wine rosemary glace